Please note: the following guides are meant to be longer reads to help people obtain a deeper understanding of digital threats and how to investigate them. If you are looking for a quick and simple way to receive security recommendations, we suggest you check out Security Planner. If you are looking for assistance on using certain tools or want advise on how to communicate securely, we suggest you reach out to Access Now Helpline.

Reports on Targeted Surveillance

This is a curated list of public reports on targeted surveillance of civil society.

Digital Security Glossary

This is a curated glossary of terms commonly found in digital security educational material (such as our guides) or tech news articles.

Guide to Phishing

This guide describes more in details how phishing attacks work and what are the currently available mitigations.

Guide to Quick Forensics

This guide explains how to quickly triage a Windows computer and collect data to idenfity potential infections.

Guide to Account Check Up

This guide describes the steps to verify the integrity and identify any potential compromise of online email and social media accounts.